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Your Data Is Your Business

We have a belief and it is that any data on your device or related to your internet connection is yours. It is not for others to access.

Our VPN uses two layers of encryption to ensure that no one will ever be able to track your IP address or location.

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Unlock The Net On The Go

When you are using our VPN service to browse the web on the go, you can unlock your favorite streaming services and other websites.

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Worldwide Connections

Thanks to the comprehensive package of 16 server locations we have put together, you have access to our high speed VPN network no matter where you live.

It is great for people around the world and frequent travelers to access this protection, speed and content unlocking potential.

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The Latest Internet Encryption

ShadowsCast now comes with a new and advanced dual layer encryption system that is embedded in all our VPN clients.

Flawless Speeds On All Servers

Get access to the best speeds that you can achieve thanks to our worldwide servers.

The setup process is instantaneous and involves no fuss

It is so simple to download and install the VPN client on every device you own.

We Are a No Logs Company

There is a detailed policy that ensures we will never keep logs of any data related to your browsing, streaming or downloading habits.

Shut It Down

If you lose the connection to our VPN, there is a feature within our clients that can close off your internet connection to that device. It ensures you only browse, stream or download through the VPN.

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